Miksi kissan kusi haisee voimakkaasti pistävälle ja pahalle mutta koiran kusi ei haise miltään?


Miksi kissan kusi haisee voimakkaasti pistävälle ja pahalle mutta koiran kusi ei haise miltään?



Kissan pissassa on enemmän ammoniakkia kuin koiran pissassa. https://aqualuxcarpetcleaning.com/tips/is-there-a-difference-between-dog-urine-and-cat-urine/

Se johtuu siitä, että kissa on sopeutunut autiomaa ympäristöö eli virtsamaan harvoin ja vähän. Sille on kehittynyt pitkä Henlen silmukka munuaisiin.

"Cats have such concentrated urine because they originated from the desert and have a very long loop of Henle, the part of the kidney that results in filtration and concentration. While you too have a loop of Henle (tres romantique!), yours isn’t as long as your cat’s, so you don’t usually concentrate your urine quite as much (unless you’re hiking in the woods and not hydrating adequately!). A cat’s loop of Henle is so good at squeezing every last drop of absorbable water out that this concentration makes the urine smell quite foul. As a result, cats absorb a large amount of water from their urine to maintain their hydration, which also explains why you hardly ever see them drink – they’re so effective at concentrating! The good news is that it comes with some benefits: not only do cats urinate less than dogs (can you imagine scooping a litter box for a dog?), but it’s also a lot harder for bacteria to grow in their bladder with such a concentrated fluid. Sometimes this can result in problems if your cat has a history of developing bladder crystals. The more concentrated the urine is, the more concentrated the crystals become, which could turn into a bladder stone." kertoo dr. Justine Lee https://drjustinelee.com/why-does-cat-pee-stink-worse-than-dog-pee-dr-justine-lee-dacvecc-dabt-board-certified-veterinary-specialist/

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