I need informaton about Piispa Jaakko Gummerus (1870-1933) 1642 Raamattu.


I need informaton about Piispa Jaakko Gummerus (1870-1933)
1642 Raamattu.



Jaakko Gummerus was born on 13th October 1870 in Sääminki as a son of Lutheran pastor. He studied at University of Helsinki history and Greek language and worked after Master of Arts examination as a journalist. Later he started studies in theological faculty and received ordination in Evangelical Lutheran church 1897. He had already then made foreign studies in Germany. He was a professor in Church history in Helsinki 1900-1920.
As a church historian he published in German researches about the medieval confession practice in Sweden and Arian controversy , in Swedish about medieval church synods in Sweden and in Finnish about Mikael Agricola, the reformer of Finland.
As a scholar he demanded that theological research must follow all laws of modern humanistic investigation.
Gummerus was elected bishop of Porvoo/Borgå in 1920 (in 1923 the chair was translated to Tampere). He was ecumenically interested and took part in the great Life and work –conference in Stockholm 1925.
He stressed that church must be the spiritual leader of the nation. After the civil war 1918 he tried to unite the people and supported (as only of Finnish church leaders) the christian-social settlement work.
Gummerus died on 24th November 1933 when he just had returned from Great Britain where he had represented the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland in doctrinal discussions with the Church of England.

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