Latviaan halutaan ostaa käytetty kirjastoauto

Hei kirjastoautoväki, Latviassa Ogren kirjasto haluaisi ostaa käytetyn kirjastoauton. Alla on asiasta lisä- ja yhteystietoja. Terveisin Kristiina Kontiainen Kirjastoseurasta

Ogre Central Library has a biblio-bus. It is something very special for Latvia, there are only 2 such specialised vehicles in our country. Ogre Library obtained this biblio-bus in 1996 from Norwegian colleagues (in frames of a competition, organised by the Culture Ministry and National Library). It is very important for the inhabitants both of Ogre town and countryside – it visits the remote areas of our county and provides for the inhabitants a possibility to read the desired books. Unfortunately the bus is very old – it was manufactured in 1979 already and has many technical problems now. Therefore we would like to change our mobile library to a newer, more modern one.

So we would like to ask you for an advice. Maybe there is a biblio-bus in one of your municipalities that is not needed for the library anymore? We are also ready to renew some older biblio-bus. Probably this could be also developed as a project between involved libraries or municipalities.

A little information about Ogre Municipality (Ogres novads). It is situated very close to the capital of Latvia – Riga (the distance is 36 km only), on the banks of two big rivers – Daugava and Ogre. It consists of Ogre town and 9 rural territories. The total number of inhabitants is 37 292. 25 894 of them live in Ogre town, which is the administrative centre of Ogre Municipality and the 8th biggest town in Latvia. More information can be found in:; the webpage of the Ogre Central Library is

Looking forward to your answer very much,

Yours sincerely,

Sanda Zemite, Project manager of the Ogre Municipality

Brivibas iela 33, Ogre LV-5001, Ogres novads, Latvia Phone: +371 650 22169 Fax: +371 650 22168 E-mail:

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